Monday, April 4, 2011


In springtime, the scent of jasmine floats
through the window in the early evening
heralding more flowers to bloom in the season.

A favorite in China and India used for perfumes,
incense and wondrous tea blends. Creates a dragon pearl
by mixing with green tea. It has an invasive quality

which makes it a weed in Florida and Hawaii.
Be vigilant, a false jasmine can be poisonous or
a revolution in China, where Ai Wei Wei, artist and poet,

captured and beaten for being outspoken.
Like the flower, his desire for free expression
entered the hearts of the disempowered.

Jasmine evokes memories of warm, humid nights, an
intoxicating aroma filtered through Spanish moss
used to adorn hair from South Carolina to China.

Strong perfume held in a thick glass container,
butterflies are attracted to this delicate flower,
with a scent to mesmerize poets, painters and lovers.

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