Saturday, September 21, 2013

Two Poems from Chuck

The Crown of Crows

the crown of crows
fall on you
and peck you
to the end

you look up
and have them pick
each eye
do not cry

brush them off

it is the only way
to remove
the crows

one at a time

by yourself

The 5:25 Tunnel

The passage is non-stop
The passage is one way
The passage comes
The passengers
Are always on board

The direction is safe
Welcome aboard
Everyone loves you
Let everyone go
This is your passage

All your baggage is light
And unnecessary
Keep it or leave it
You will see
You are not alone
Everyone loves you

Leave something for us to follow
We are so afraid of the tunnel
We have so much to think about
Before we enter there
Your message is:

Everyone loves you here 

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