Sunday, September 8, 2013

Leg Cramps

It is late evening after a hot day
tried to stay hydrated by lost my way
fell asleep while watching TV
and without warning I felt the pain

first a pull then a tightening of the muscles

it felt like the size of a baseball
in the calf of my leg

I let out a scream,

my husband came running
but there was nothing he could do
I tried to relax and change positions

then finally massaged my leg
until the cramping was done
I don’t want to feel that pain

any time soon
so I drink some Gatorade

and flood my system with water. 

I don’t remember this pain when I was younger.
my body keeps changing but not for the better

I’ve learned not to stretch too quickly
do it slowly to avoid those darn leg cramps. 

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