Monday, September 23, 2013

Life in Fast Forward

She was born the sixth in a family
which grew by four more

but she was the favorite, with a sweet nature
and not part of the competition

among the older ones

Who had to watch out for her

and got in trouble if she got hurt

she didn’t tumble with the rest
her dimples seduced those on the sidelines

became a cheerleader, envied and lusted for
by total strangers

and in the limelight she was alone.

One of the few not asked out for the prom
everyone thought she was spoken for

the boys would shiver when they got close to her
too popular but left alone for the shark

who was older and bolder
so he took her as his own

stealing her away from her brothers and sisters
mother and father, keeping her hidden in isolated areas

where she fell in love with the wilderness
finding comfort in the open air

giving birth to her only son  
who had to compete with him

for her affection. She left them both
to get away to save herself

but told her son she would come for him
and she did and they became meshed as one

neither one able to form their own life
until now... and in death it is done. 

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