Wednesday, September 25, 2013


She said she didn't believe in an afterlife.
"We die and that is that. 
Our best chance for a good life is here and now."

I said I had experiences to make me believe there is more...
when people I knew were close to death, they saw
members of their family gathering to escort them home.

She said, "It was only the chemical reaction of dying
combined with a strong belief system
that created those images."

I asked her is she knew anyone who had died
and was she with them when they were 
close to death?

She said, "I only knew my husband Burt,
who suffered dementia for several years, he became afraid 
when the men in black appeared at his bedside.

We sedated him and he died without incident."

I guess I wouldn't believe either 
if that was my only experience of death.  

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