Friday, September 20, 2013

Creative Imagery

Yesterday I visited Johanna Morgan
she offered an energy healing
based on touch and creative imagery.

She asked for a medical and personal history
then we started, she asked me to quiet myself
by thinking of a peaceful time
then to focus on the part of my body
that was at ease and pain free

After a few minutes she asked me to focus
on another part and once that was completed
she asked me to tell her where I felt pain
then laid her hands on that area.

Our breathing synchronized then she asked
if I felt or saw anything.

I described a mature elephant standing
on a drought ravaged plain. The water hole,
no more than a few puddles. The elephant
was weary with the struggle of life.

She asked if I saw or felt anything else.

I felt a mist falling from the sky,
the elephant evolved into a woman
the dried grass became her long hair
and she moved up toward the sky.

Her hairs were the layers of color
seen in a sunset as she became the sun
after a while the sky turned dark
and she rose to the heavens as the moon

She had a basket of stars she hung up
in the sky until they became diamonds
and she picked them one by one
and stored them in a leather bag.

Johanna asked if I had another point of pain
I mentioned my left knee.
She touched my knee and asked if I noticed anything.

I described a knotted trunk all gnarled
with roots in the parched earth.

She told me to imagine the roots deep
in the earth and then asked what I saw or felt.

I felt a quick rush of energy or red molten lava
then a liquid gold, flowing into the marrow of my bones
and flooding my body with warmth and energy.
The gold became an amber liquid, like an oil
lubricating my joints and flowing into my arteries
and veins. I cold feel my heart swell as it pumped
the energy through my body.

She asked me to tell her where to touch
to integrate the new experience.

I asked her to place her hands on either side of my head.

I came to the realization my religious training moved my eyes
to the sky and cut me off from the earth
where the source of my energy existed at the center.

I left the session feeling exhilarated.

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