Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bits of Wisdom from World War Z

World War Z seemed to be another
zombie movie but what struck me at 65
are the great hints for staying alive.

Those who survive keep moving
No better advice available
from Dr. Oz or other health experts.

Other words of wisdom:

Be Observant

Solutions can be found in obscure clues.
Pay attention to details and maybe
one day it will save your life.

Some people are hammers
every problem is a nail
So...if you keep getting pounded
stay away from hammers, or look
less like a nail, and learn to use
hammers without getting hurt.

If you find a gun, take it
You never know when you will need one
to protect yourself or those
you love.

Look for weakness in strength
Sometimes creatures over compensate
and camouflage when they are afraid.

Loud noises can awaken the dead
So learn to be quiet.
Master the act of silence

Always carry duct tape
Whether you’re building a bayonet
or protecting your arms from bites
have some duct tape handy.

Sometimes extreme measures work

Building protective walls, pulling out your teeth,
cutting off your arm, infecting yourself 
with disease are necessary if survival is at stake.

Turn Off Your Cell Phone

If you don’t want to be discovered
turn off your cell phone, or at least
have it on vibrate. The ring can
reveal your location to your enemies.

Sacrificing your family to serve 
the greater good is too big a sacrifice

unless it is the only way to save them.

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