Tuesday, August 20, 2013

One More Baby in the House

I had a dream of a baby dressed in green
she had red hair and was screaming.

The others in the house held their ears
waiting for her to stop crying
and settle into the family routines.

One more baby in the house,
where will she fit in?

There is a large closet in the master bedroom
with plenty of space for her crib
and a whimsical mobile to hang from the ceiling,

a changing table outside the door
and plenty of space to play on the floor.

When she gets older the boys can be in one room
the oldest daughter with a space of her own

and the other girls can have bunk beds
making it a perfect place for them to sleep

but they’ll have to come down stairs 
to play in the living room. 

There is always space
for one more baby 
somewhere in the house.

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