Friday, August 2, 2013

Getting Rid of Things

Time to write the checks
not quite ready to go electronic
I like the ritual of balancing the books
placing the payment in an envelope
putting on a stamp and return address
taking it to the post office
before it is marked overdue.

I’ve don't use credit cards much,
buy most items in cash, if at all -
trying to get rid of the things I’ve accumulated
nothing really worth while in the long run.
Younger buyers don’t find my collectibles
desireable, preferring not to be burdened
with too much stuff. They would rather

spend their extra cash on travel
being versatile to relocate
without the burden of all that junk
while women my age, on the other hand,
horde items beyond what is needed
only to be see it all over town when a tornado
strikes or it gets soaked and ruined in a flood.

I’ll finish the payment on a few more items
leaving the balance at zero.
Invite the grandkids over for a yard sale
hope to find a buyer for some old LPs,
glassware and dishes from Japan,
a china cabinet and little knick knacks
collected from my travels to other lands. 

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