Friday, August 9, 2013

Addicted to TV

When Time Warner dropped CBS
I was able to see my addiction to TV
with the many hours of entertainment
gone, the station now dark,
what will happen to me?

I’ll take a walk, or visit friends,
read a book, or play a game,
sit outside, like my neighbors do,
have a conversation, maybe two,
and fill my hours with activities.

My friend dropped Time Warner
and signed up for Direct TV
others bought rabbit ears to get
the programs for free.
I’ve decided to let it go

and find other things to do.
There are new recipes I’m anxious to try,
a few classes at the university,
new hobbies to learn, I will
get started on an exercise routine.

Bought a new bike, I’m on the road
every single day new places to see.

I got word from my cable company,
old programming will return, 

but it is too late ...

the break has set me free.

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