Saturday, August 17, 2013


In today’s world everything is temporary
flashing by in a few seconds 
then gone. 

Planned obsolesce is a market strategy
to keep the consumer purchasing 
the newer, better model;
the latest fashion, this year’s dream,
Nothing is designed to last forever.

We expect to repaint our homes
repair water and termite damage, 
redecorate and remodel in time
to keep things fresh and desirable

now we also expect to do the same
with our bodies; enhance the breast
lift the chin, reshaped the eyes, 
color hair, in an effort to stay
young forever. 

Relationships are also superficial

People don’t live in the same town forever,
childhood friendship depend on proximity

who disappear if we don’t take the time
to write letters, make phone calls, 
or get together for visits. 

Families now are also dispensable
separated because of divorce
blended with remarriage

parents abandoned in all the confusion
some children too, people left isolated
can seem to establish themselves 
in the new configuration.

Social groups and work 
become the new centers
filling up time with activities
coming and going without the burden
of past hurts and neglect

but not feeling connected
and sometimes that is 
the greatest threat

and one that can't be


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