Friday, July 5, 2013

Reconciliation With Death

She didn’t cry when her mother died
maybe she was too young

or pain from all those years of drinking
was too painful to remember for long.

She kept herself busy with school and lots of
friendships and drama. She loved a good fight
pushing loyalties to their limits, breaking up
taking herself away and then starting over.

Her awards were many 
with no one to cheer her on -
she had to prove she was worthwhile.

She realized her accomplishments
didn’t matter if deep inside was a wound
that would not heal until she went into the darkness
and grieved for the mother who died too young.

The first step was to sanctify
the memory, making her more sacred
than any life deserves. Obliterate the neglect
and abuse, minimize the scars and trauma, 

pretend it was a perfect life with a loving mother
replacing reality with better stories
to bolster her through the rest of her days.

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