Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bad Choices

The phone call was the third of its kind
her daughter crying on the other end
it took awhile before she revealed
her latest boyfriend was like the others,

fun and interesting until things didn’t go his way
then he thought it was okay to hit her
to get his point across.

When will she start making better choices?
How can she attract such violence?
Is it something she says or does?

Or is it a series of ugly coincidences that invite
the same result? Maybe she has to settle
for a man that’s less ambitious, 

stay away from the high power player,
find the guy with strong morals who likes

to work with his hands. He might not be
as interesting or exciting but she will be safe
and my daughter agrees for a little while 

until there is new man in her life;
good looking, knows what he wants
has money to spend and wants her by his side. 

Like a moth, she flies towards the flame,
how many days before I get another call?

She’s an adult, has her own life,
and has the right to make her own choices
but when mixed with ambition and alcohol
tensions can get to a breaking point

and she takes the brunt of the fall
calling me for moral support. 

My emotions are bankrupt
I have little more to give. 

Conversation with a stranger
worried about her daughter. 

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