Friday, July 19, 2013

Charging a Cell Phone with Urine

Scientist are looking for a way to recharge
cell phones in emergencies.
When power is knocked out 
for days 

there has got to be a way 
to charge our phones 
so communications can resume.

I can see scientists brainstorming
in a think tank imagining the ability
to harness electricity through:

solar power, swinging it on a string
in an attempt to capture the wind,
using the battery in the a car.

All of these are good ideas
but what if it is a cloudy day,
you can’t find a string, or your
car is washed away by a flood?

Hopefully you have enough water
so you can still pee and can generate
enough urine for electricity.

Then you can power 

your cell phone
in any emergency.  

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