Tuesday, April 9, 2013

She Wanted A Car

Ella knew her mother was crazy 
and her unpredictable behavior 
and cruelty were not normal in the world 
until she enlisted in the army and got
a closer look at crazy.

As a young woman, making her way
in a man’s world, she found herself sane
and life seemed peaceful even in the middle
of a world war.

She returned home confident and strong

able to make money on her own
then married a man from her childhood, 
who tried to contain her independent lifestyle
wanting her pregnant and barefooted. 

After a few years of wedded bliss

she asked for her own car, 
he wanted her home.

She crept out at night with a knife 
and punctured his tires. The next evening
she stripped out the wires. He knew if he 
didn’t give in, the family car would be

completely destroyed.

She went out the next day and bought
a used car. Paid cash with the money 

she made coiffing hair while he was working.

He didn’t complain when she drove it home.

Her family realized she was crazy

but not cruel, and her unpredictable

behavior was a lot like her mother's.

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