Saturday, April 20, 2013

Prepare to Survive

As long as I’ve lived I never felt a need
to arm myself. Churches and fear of hell
kept most people in line
and if an area was bad I moved
to a safer neighborhood
trusting the police and armies
to quell disruption and anarchy
but the news suggests a different 

reality is upon me. 

I must become ever vigilant.
I no longer live in a system 

where "live and let live," exists.
When the internet can connect
the disenfranchised guiding them
to a line of thought that prepares
them to die for radical beliefs
giving a will, to do 
is necessary to force a change 
in the world order. 

It is time to prepare a plan
to protect my family and my land
doing what I must, prayer is not enough
don’t want to make a bunker
and hunker down and hide
but I must arm myself doing
what is needed to survive.

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