Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Mother

The impatient wail of a hungry infant
with a cry that demands an immediate
reaction from anyone standing nearby
but the baby must wait because the toddler
spilled the apple juice on to the floor
it is seeping between 

the slates of the hardwood
the older children try to help 

but they can only do so much
even though they mean well.

Take a breath, the baby won’t starve
pick-up the toddler and clean the mess
get some snacks to keep her occupied
prepare the formula and with a final swoosh
change the baby and hold him in your arms
feeding him until he is satisfied.

There are still piles of laundry to wash
and dry, the folding will wait for another day
there are games to play, meals to prepare,
dishes to wash, homework to check, bills to pay
and maybe get some rest before the cycle repeats.  

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