Monday, March 28, 2011

Dream At Midnight

Last night I had a dream of three saints standing
on a hillside, lighted from behind with a pulsating glow.

Mary was at the center, then on her left
Saint Therese, and on her right, Saint Lucy.

I told Jack Nicholson and he shouted, “It’s untrue!”
until he saw them for himself and said, “It’s time to pray.”

Saint Lucy was dressed in blue, wrapped in a veil of pink
known to be the patron saint for all things concerning the eyes.

Lucy comes from the Latin word, “Luz,” pray to her
and she will give you sight and light your path along the way.

Saint Therese on the other hand, known as the Little Flower,
promises intercessions with a rain of roses to bless all

who remember her by imitating her adoration
in humble supplication to a living god.

Mary, of course, is the saint of all saints
having said, "Yes," to the angel, then gave birth

to the one who brought redemption for all humankind.
The rosary is the gift she offers again and again

a simple pattern of ten Hail Marys after five mysteries:
Joyful, Sorrowful, or Glorious, followed by Our Fathers.

It begins with an Apostles Creed and Glory Be's
all said in sequence until the prayers are done.

She promises blessings for loved ones
with interventions from the Father for good intentions.

Maybe the dream was another reminder to wake up our sleeping faith
reminding the faithful to kneel in prayer, but why Jack Nicholson?

Is he a saint in his own right and has something to say,
or was he there to take my dream at midnight to the absurd?

I had a very restless night after the dream.
See: The Mother of God Speaks 12/20/10

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