Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Gambler’s Cadillac

He drove a shiny new Cadillac
sporting leather seats 

and luxurious upholstery

the car smelled rich but in a month it was gone
so was his wife’s diamond ring
and the living room furniture

but his persistence paid off 

and in a little while she was 
wearing furs and jewels again.

He settled for a Studebaker to transport
his family but like the seasons 

in a little while that too was gone.

He took up boxing to make a buck
used his winnings to gamble as he was inclined
sometimes living flush, other times lean

then his health started to suffer
at his lowest point, so did his marriage 
but yesterday he drove up once again 

in a brand new Cadillac 
...a convertible this time. 

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