Monday, March 3, 2014

One Too Many

The evening started badly
couldn’t find anything to wear
finally settled on the red dress
with the flirty skit that moved when I twirled 

my three inch heels, 

a diamond bracelet,
a small clutch, 
and I was ready to party.

My date didn’t show,
my girlfriends tried to console me
offered one drink, then two,
by closing I had too many.

I was loud and wanted to fight
but they held me back from wrestling
with a girl who was wearing
a dress like mine.

I screamed out loud, “Let me at her!”
they held me, didn't let me go
I broke away and stood next to the tramp
but realized she was only my reflection
in the bar room mirror. 

Time to go home
wipe my tears, sleep a few hours
and maybe tomorrow figure out
what to do.

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