Wednesday, October 9, 2013

When Antiques were Modern

They were not antiques in their day
but modern artifact of the time:
the telephone on a party line,
a refrigerator instead of an icebox,
a sewing machine run on foot power,
an automobile to replace the horse and buggy,
the locomotive improved on the wagon train,
the vacuum to replace the broom,
computers made typewriters obsolete,
and on and on with so many things.

Morality and traditions also became outdated
replaced by a different value systems.
Regular church attendance dwindled,
belief in god questioned and ridiculed,
the sanctity of the home was infiltrated
with cable TV and pornography,
seeking pleasure for pleasure’s sake
self sacrifice left for the volunteer soldier
sent to fight, not for liberty, but for corporate greed,
while the government spied for national security
but left their own house in disarray

I found a macramé plant holder out in the garage
a few beads and rope left over from the seventies
when times were simpler and less modern
sometimes I long for that simplicity. 

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