Friday, May 28, 2010


Respect is outdated
to honor and care for one another
a relic of another time
before the state could step in

taking over
leaving children
struggling without mercy
prison the only solution

in a society where the family
is obliterated
and all persons fend
for themselves

where a best friend can
slip into the house
and steal everything of value
secrecy lost on the Internet
confidences an open link

people in one of the …istans
Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan
can peer in to observe
with nowhere to hide on the
information highway.

files forwarded to multiple addresses
her straw hat barely
covering her breasts
photos of binge drinking
in desert campsites

the imperfect life
masquerading in perfect smiles
her dimples an endearing quality,

making me think I really know her

lost in a virtual reality
connects strangers

with little knowledge
or respect for each other
it camouflages to hide
the blemishes of life.

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