Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random Snap Shots on the Tarmac

Click, a mother and daughter walking arm in arm,
she hands over forty dollars to buy a chair from a stranger
then walks down the runway.

Click, another shot of a small crowd of skanky women
with a dozen children among them, their men,
muscled and tattooed keep them corralled under the wing
of a giant military transport.

Click, the scream of an acrobatic bi plane
somersaulting in the sky.

Click, the rainbow flags, flying atop
the vendor booths where parents buy souvenirs and food
or gather free items from different armed services.

Click, military personnel dressed in
fatigues from airforce, army, navy and marine corps.

Click, another plane in the sky,
maneuvers too agile for one so big
can’t capture the roar as it speeds
so fast it breaks the sound barrier.

Click, posed shots
of family and grandchildren
having fun among the crowds
from Riverside and San Bernardino.

Click, click, click, people of all ages, sitting in chairs
along the tarmac, men and women, young and old
strangers gathered together to watch the display
of power at the March Air Force Base.

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