Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hart Street Mayhem

I was sitting in your house
on Hart Street
the new owners had five children,
two girls and three boys,
they were crowded but happy
packed into the small space
with the big yard and plenty

of space but it seems
the road had been closed
to accommodate drag racing
for the weekend.

Drivers revved up their engines
screeching across the asphalt
coming to a stop at the finish line.

Visitors from all over milled around
so residents sold trinkets 
along the sidewalk 
making a little cash for all their trouble.

The neighbors were worried with the changes
then you wandered in upset with the crowds
rushing to the restroom to fix your Mohawk
glad you moved out when you did.

Two dogs started to bark
then we placed our bets 
for the next race
waking-up before the 
night was done. 

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